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Welcome to the latest version of UIE’s All You Can Learn Library. We’ve made changes based on a bunch of great feedback over the years. Bang around a bit, try to break it, learn a little UX, and then tell us what you think.

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Expert: Lindsay Ellerby

Headshot of Lindsay Ellerby

Lindsay is the Senior Design Director at Normative, a software innovation firm in Toronto, where she leads the team on a wide range of projects that include research, interaction design, product innovation and strategy, and end-to-end design of software products.

She is passionate about designing for complex systems and working on unsolvable problems. Lindsay has worked in the field of design for 15 years helping teams execute for organizations including Cisco, SickKids, Xerox PARC and Citibank. In her spare time, she can be found chasing her kids around a Toronto park, trying to fit in a yoga class, or both at the same time!